How much are my baseball cards worth?


Collectors determine the value of a baseball card by considering the card's condition, brand, player, year, card number and any special features, such as autographs or inserts. Price guides are available from Beckett, TuffStuff, Vintage Card Prices and Free Baseball Card Price Guide.

When determining the condition of a baseball card, collectors look for damage to the corners, wear on the edges, bends, creases and scuffing on the surface gloss, and the centering of the card. Cards considered in poor condition have discolorations, creases, tears and missing parts. Collectors also evaluate prices by consulting the sale prices on online auction sites.

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Among the Dodgers in the Topps set valued from $10 to $20 as of August 2009 a card are Don Zimmer, Roger Craig, Larry Sherry, Frank Howard, Chuck Essegian, Jim Gilliam, Stan Williams
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It depends on the value of the card.
1971 Topps Sparky Lyle card number 649. A 1971 Topps Sparky Lyle card number 649 has a book value of about $15.00 in Near Mint - Mint condition. Professionally graded cards will sell
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