How Much Are My Bradford Exchange Plates Worth?


How much one's Bradford exchange plates are worth will depend on several things. Which plates you have, the condition the plates are in and the demand for the plates all have a part in determining the worth of the plates.
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You could try contacting
Not much right now. It's only 12 years old. I bet they were mass marketed too, so they probably aren't going to be worth much, but you could always check ebay. Source(s)
This company may be able to help you. They have some Bradford plates but not yours specifically.
You can get an appraisal as mentioned above or else go to ebay and see if anyone else is selling them and how much they are charging for the bradford plates. Additionally you could
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In order to determine the worth of your Bradford Exchange Plates you will want to have the set appraised by an antique dealer or a collector. You can also use a guide book like the Market Guide & Price Index by the Collectors Information Bureau and identify your set.
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