How Much Are My Christmas Barbies Worth?


You can determine how much your Christmas Barbies are worth by having the dolls appraised. The appraisal can be done through a local collector or professional. The value of the dolls will factor greatly on the condition.
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Christmas Barbies in the box and in mint condition can be worth a couple of hundred dollars depending on the year they were introduced. To get an idea of value you can check out Ebay.
The amount that your Christmas Barbies are worth depends on the model and condition of the Barbie dolls. There are many doll price references at places like dollreference and collectdolls.
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It depends on the year of the holiday barbie! If it looks old then probably 60 to 80! If its new 2o to 40! IT MUST BE IN THE BOX FOR THESE PRICES!
New Barbies I'm afraid are not worth much more than their buying value. Specialty Barbies however, may be worth more. I suggest you take the to a local toy appraiser to find out their
The value of a Barbie doll varies from worthless to thousands of dollars depending on the condition and if it's vintage or modern. Unless you are a serious collector, your Barbie
A year 2000 Christmas Collectible Barbie is currently worth
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How much your Barbie collection is worth will depend on the dolls and their condition, as well as age. Vintage Barbie dolls are often sought after by collectors ...
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