How much are my salt and pepper shakers worth?


If your salt and pepper shakers are very old, then obviously there is a massive sentimental value. The worth however will really depend on what type they are.
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Most likely, only a few dollars. Plain pewter or silver plated salt and pepper shakers are very plentiful, and unless ornate, early, by a particular company, or have some other compelling
I have an old glass Dr Pepper bottle that has a long curvy neck. It says sugar free Dr. Pepper. It's not embossed. It is 1 pint, no cracks. Thanks! Update : I just found out that
Ack! Don't always sell it without getting proper knowledge. It may be worth less or more! You should go to Barnes and Noble or one of your local bookstores and look at those record
I found this recipes in a ball canning book it is for pickles but it could be used for peppers. Makes a 10 percent brine. 2 cups canning salt to a gallon of water. Source(s) Ball
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