How much are your natwest pigs worth?


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I imagine they gave out quite a lot of them, so that'll lower the value. You could try seeing if any come up for sale on ebay and what people are prepared to bid for them.
It depends on the type of NatWest Pig. On, a set of five NatWest Pigs cost £100.00-£135.00.
Baby pigs range in price from $40 to $75 dollars. Thanks for using ChaCha!
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NatWest pigs are collectible and sell for well in range of £100 through to £250 depending on condition. The NatWest pig's family consist of Sir Nathaniel ...
Natwest piggies can be purchased online for a wide variety of prices, ranging from £2.00 to £350.00. The prices depend on the condition of the piggies ...
To find out how much your Natwest Piggy bank is worth, visit a pawn shop or do some shopping online through similar banks. Remember, the better condition it is ...
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