How Much Are Old Pennies Worth and What Dates Are Valuable?


The prices of old pennies dated from 1900 to around 1950 vary depending on the coins condition and its dates. In the UK most coins are worth at least triple their face value.
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The most expensive Canadian cent is the 1936 DOT, it sold at auction for $402,000 and there are only 3 known. I will add a link to the auction when it sold in January.
The 1943 penny is a real copper penny worth about $80,000.00. Check those
The 1933 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle is the World's most valuable coin. Sold for $7.5mil in 2002!
The answer you got is correct if your coin was minted in Philadelphia. Coins minted that year in Denver and San Francisco are worth quite a bit more. To tell where yours was minted,
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Old English pennies can be worth a small fortune depending on the era or the period when they were issued. Your local antiquities dealer would be an expert regarding ...
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