How Much Are Old Postcards Worth?


Anything from 10 or 20p for common (usually printed views) of well visited locations ie cathedrals, holiday resorts, to several pounds for village and town street scenes. Particularly well animated 'real photographic' views which may fetch £20.00 upwards. In fact, 90% of postcards, no matter how old, fall into a price bracket ranging from pence to five pounds. Cards that sell cheaply include the categories of relatively modern issues, art reproductions, deckle-edged greeetings cards, scenic views that have changed little and poorly printed comics.
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Most important factor in improving the worth of such a postcard is finding a buyer who wants it. The condition of the postcard is a factor. The contents of the postcard if used. The
Vintage postcards are usually affordable collectibles most anyone can enjoy. When do they go over the top selling for more than $100 apiece? I've got two words for you: Halloween
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