How much are old toys worth?


Due to the enormous range of vintage toys and the factors that can affect their value (rarity, condition, era of origin, country of origin and more) it's necessary to consult a toy price guide in order to determine how much old toys are worth. Some useful price guides online include iGuide and ToyMart. Additionally, simply searching for a particular toy on eBay gives an idea of its general value.

According to iGuide, one of the biggest factors affecting a toy's value is its age. Toys from before the 1960s, which were produced in smaller numbers, are often worth far more than modern toys. Toys manufactured from the 1960s and on were typically mass-produced and therefore worth less. In general, the newer a toy, the less it is likely to be worth.

Additionally, older toys tend to appreciate in value, while newer toys (from the 1980s and on) tend to depreciate in value. However, there are always exceptions to this rule. For example, as of 2014, iGuide values most "He-Man" action figure from the early 1990s at around $12-$14 at most. Certain figures from same era, such as the "Starship Eternia," are valued at more than three times that amount. Similarly, the site values many "He-Man" figures from the 1980s at hundreds of dollars.

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