How Much Is a Pearl Worth?


The quality of the pearl is what determines its price and value. The quality and worth of pearls are generally judged in the following categories: thickness of the nacre, lustre, size, shape, and colour. You will notice that these factors interconnect in their relationship to determining a pearls value. Pearls cost about £50.
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1. Measure your pearls using a small measuring tape. Hold the tape measure up to the pearl, and stretch it across to measure the size. The larger the pearl, the more it is worth.
You need to have it professionally valued. It's not possible for anyone here to value it without (a) seeing it and (b) having some good knowledge of the prices of these things. But
. Remember, a pearl's worth depends on its overall
Most top-grade black pearls will average 10.0mm and larger, and retail in the $1000+ range. The bigger the black pearl the more expensive it is. report this answer. Updated on Sunday
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How much a black pearl is worth depends on many things. What type, color, size and shape they are. You will need to take this pearl to a professional who can determine ...
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