How Much Are Pogs Worth Now?


If you want to know how much pogs are worth you can try selling it to your local pawn shop. Also, you can try to sell them on Ebay. They do sell on Ebay starting from 1 dollar and up.
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It depends on which ones you have and how much someone is willing to pay for them!
A 102 piece set of POG Milk Cap and Slammers is $6.99 at A set of 60 may
I didnt know they were even sold anymore? But if they are, I wouldnt think they would be very much....Maybe .25 to .15 cents a piece? Good Question
As usual, it depends on the condition, the collector and the availability of the bottle. On the Jim Beam Club Web site, you can see decanters from the $40 range, such as the Oil Quart
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