How Much are Porcelain Dolls Worth?


Some porcelain dollars are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars while some are not worth a thing. The most expensive porcelain doll is worth close to one million dollars. Most of these dollars are antique collectible so buying them would be very hard.
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You will have to gather the information surrounding the doll. You will need the manufacturer and other information. Then check online with doll collectors.
It really just varies, as you have to individually look them up by name. Your answer is very general as well. Ashton Drake Galleries made MANY dolls in 1993. Maybe if you had been
1. Insert the plastic disc of the EZ link into the holes in the joints of the arms, legs and head. The EZ links are S hooks attached to flexible plastic discs. They look like a suction
Duck House dolls are mass produced porcelain dolls. There were so many made that they are not worth very much. Probably less than $20. Source(s) Doll collector.
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Leonardo Porcelain Dolls are usually worth 5 to 20 pounds, depending on their status. They are available for purchasing mostly online. For more information, visit ...
Bronwen porcelain dolls are beautiful dolls, manufactured by the Bronwen Porcelain Doll Company of North Wales for adults. One is about £9.99. ...
Usually, the Leonardo Collection porcelain dolls have a worth ranging from 5 up to 20 pounds. Furthermore, the dolls are mainly sold online. For more information ...
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