How Much Are Rare Royal Doulton Figurines?


Superb Royal Doulton Antiques for sale including Doulton figures, vases and highly collectable stoneware, cabinet plates and Bunnykins figures. Some of the most popular and sought after antique pottery, porcelain and stoneware in collecting circles. Rare and collectable Royal Doulton lady figures both antique and vintage and discontinued doulton figures for sale. Also rare retired Royal Doulton lady figurines. In 1991, Royal Doulton released its first Lady Figure of the Year. They cost £35.00 to a whopping £1000.00.
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Between 125 to 175 US Dollars, depending on the year.
Only one antique Royal Doulton Lawyer figurine detailed, the 8.86 inch one. Only other Royal Doulton similar item is the Bunnykins Lawyer.
Possibly as much as $3,245.
Prices for Royal Doulton Toby jugs range from $40. into the hundreds depending on the year, figure, condition, etc. The same would apply to the crockery. You might want to scroll
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