How Much Are Rare Royal Doulton Figurines?


Superb Royal Doulton Antiques for sale including Doulton figures, vases and highly collectable stoneware, cabinet plates and Bunnykins figures. Some of the most popular and sought after antique pottery, porcelain and stoneware in collecting circles. Rare and collectable Royal Doulton lady figures both antique and vintage and discontinued doulton figures for sale. Also rare retired Royal Doulton lady figurines. In 1991, Royal Doulton released its first Lady Figure of the Year. They cost £35.00 to a whopping £1000.00.
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They range. The pretty ladies tend to go from around $50 to $250, some of the others like balloon lady could go around $150.
Quote: Originally Posted by michellendaisy Hello, I have 2 royal doulton figures that I would like to sell. Does anybody know a place in the Fort Mill area that buys items like this
Upscale department stores. Are you sure you are spelling it right? The company may have a web site with "where to get them in your area"
Royal Doulton Jester HN 2016 is about 10? tall figurine that is designed by C.J. Noke (exactly 9" 3/4) Produced between 1949 and 1997, Jeter HN 2016 belongs among most popular
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You can sell your royal doulton figurines at the chinasearch and doult websites. The prices of these figurines usually ranges from one piece to another based on ...
Royal Doulton antique figurines are highly collectible. Some are worth well over $1,000. To determine the value of a piece that you might own, it is a good idea ...
You can sell your royal Doulton dickens figurines in an auction like the 1818 Auctioneers. They have various categories of auction to suit all needs. For instance ...
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