How Much Is a Recycled Can Worth?


Different recycled things are worth different prices. A two litter bottle is worth 10 cents, a 16-oz bottle is worth 5 cents, and an aluminium can is worth 5 cents. It is better to turn in a lot at one time in order to get a lot of money.
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i don't know, California it is 5 cents.
The whole empty aluminum can is worth about 1 cent. Aluminum is the
1. Look at the bottom of your plastic cans. You will see a number. This number represents the type of plastic it is made of. 2. Separate your plastic cans by number. For example,
1. Empty your cans of all liquid and collect them in a bag or box. 2. Look up the nearest recycling center to your neighborhood. Contact the center before driving there to make sure
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