How Much Is a Recycled Can Worth?


Different recycled things are worth different prices. A two litter bottle is worth 10 cents, a 16-oz bottle is worth 5 cents, and an aluminium can is worth 5 cents. It is better to turn in a lot at one time in order to get a lot of money.
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5 cents.
You can collect wood waste any setting, from the home to abandoned buildings and factories. A good way to start is to collect and reuse fallen branches and sticks from the backyard.
The price of aluminum changes daily. Currently the price of recycled aluminum is at
Food waste. Composting veg peelings etc in your garden is the best form of recycling - but food waste collection schemes not only create compost but prevent the build up of methane
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The price per pound of recycled can range between $0.75 and $1.50, but the actual price of one recycled plastic bottle will depend on the size of the bottle itself ...
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Recycling scrap metal is very popular and it is very profitable as well. Car batteries can completely be recycled and they can be used for building new car batteries ...
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