How Much Is a Recycled Can Worth?


Different recycled things are worth different prices. A two litter bottle is worth 10 cents, a 16-oz bottle is worth 5 cents, and an aluminium can is worth 5 cents. It is better to turn in a lot at one time in order to get a lot of money.
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Zinc is a metal and fluctuates daily due to supply and demand. There are also numerous grades of zinc. The most common which trades on the open market is current around $1 per pound
A ton of recycled plastic is worth $18,300.00.
Almost all $2 bills are worth exactly $2 and no more. There are too many of them in circulation to merit a higher price. Some of the bill older than 1970 are worth slightly more,
Scrap material can be very valuable depending the material. Aluminum if worth about fifty cent per pound, Iron is worth about one dollar per pound.
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In very worn condition, it is worth $20. In moderately worn condition, it is worth $26. In slightly worn condition, it is worth $35. If it has almost no wear, ...
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Depending on the Kt. the gold is, will depend on what it is worth. It can range anywhere from 5.95-60.00. If it is only gold plated it will be worth less money ...
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