How much are Roman coins worth?


The price of Roman coins depends on their types. The aureus is the most valued being more than 99% pure gold. The silver coins are the second most valued followed by bronze coins.
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There are several factors that go into determining the value of an ancient coin. One, is the authenticity. However there is more to it than just being an ancient coin. The condition
The Viceroyalty of New Spain issued coins using local metals. The coins featured an "M" to denote their Mexican origin. In the 18th century, a steering-wheel press allowed
Stamps can be worth many different amounts, depending on the type of stamp and it's current condition. There is no one set monetary worth for all stamps.
Worthless generally dude, as so many were made. If it turns out to ba of importance you will find it belong to the state (Government) Any musuem will help you find it's value. Ps
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