How much are Roman coins worth?


The price of Roman coins depends on their types. The aureus is the most valued being more than 99% pure gold. The silver coins are the second most valued followed by bronze coins.
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how much are roman coins worh
How much a coin is worth depends on what the coin is. If a coin is older, of limited number, or special in some way it will be worth more than just its denomination. Look here for
Coins are generally unique to their country of origin. A United States penny is not the same as a British or Canadian penny. The coins of different nations come in a variety of denominations
The first link shows similar coins of Mark Antony, but I have to tell you ancient coins are not as round as yours and do not have as much of a raised rim as yours. I recommend you
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Coins worth depend on the type of coin and how old they are. Some rare coins might be more expensive than others. ...
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