How Much Are Sixpences Worth Today?


You want to know how much your sixpences are worth today. Here is a link with some helpful information:
Q&A Related to "How Much Are Sixpences Worth Today"
It depends on the year and the condition of the coin. Without knowing those two things, it is impossible to say.
If this is a silver sixpenny piece then it is was worth the equivalent of 2.4 new pence. (UK money) Today's price depends on the date and condition. Could be anywhere for 10p to &
A sixpence is 1/40 of a pound. A pound is equal to 1.49350 US dollars.
Sixpence from the period 1920 to 1946 contain 0.0454 oz of silver and thus had a bullion value of £0.38 or US$0.52. Silver price & exchange rates fluctuate.
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