How much are full sleeve tattoos?


Full sleeve tattoos, unlike single tattoos, cover a lot of the skin and are dense with respect to design. Thus, these tattoos come costly. The cost may vary with the size of the full sleeve tattoo and how much it would really cost depends on how much the tattoo artist would want to charge for his art work.
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First of all, it's spelled "tattoo. Secondly, common sense would tell you that it obviously depends. Sleeves are not all priced the same.I know that's hard to believe. You could
On average it could cost you around $1200 to get a full sleeve tattoo. Tribal designs are popular! report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 05:48AM EST. Source
Depends on the Artist. It would be done in sessions, A session is usually 2 or more hours of tattooing. I tattoo in 3 steps. Outline, Color, Shade and Detail. 1 Session could cost
The price varies by design, color, and artist, but if you use a stock design you may not
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