How Much Are Soda Tabs Worth?


Soda tabs are not worth a real profit at all. They can range to about 50 cents to about 2 dollars when being sold. They have no real value they are very common.
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i would say its abut 1 cent each but I'm not really sure myself talk to a recycling business.
Depending on your local area if you save up enough soda tabs you can recycle them for
Pop tabs are not worth very much at all. The Ronald McDonald House collects them for charity and when they turn them in the make 57 cents a pound which means about 1 gallon of tabs
1. Contact your local redemption center. Ask them if they offer money per pound of aluminum can tabs. Some places do this and people can bring in gallon jugs full of tabs and trade
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Pop tabs are made from aluminum, the same material as the rest of the pop can. Therefore, they are worth the same price per pound as what the current price for ...
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Aluminum pull tabs are the made of the purest aluminum, but they are not worth anymore than any other aluminum. If you had one million pull tabs, they would be ...
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