How much are my Star Wars figures worth?


The worth of Star Wars figures will depend on the year they were made and their condition. Figures made in 1977-1978 are likely to be the most sought after, and can be worth £500 - £3,000. Figures which have been left in the original packaging are more valuable than those which have been opened. A collectors group fro Star Wars figures can be found here:
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Depends how old they are and what figures they are. Because they are loose and not in the original package, they will also have a low collectors value.
On Ebay, individuals are selling mint original star's-mint.-how-m...
1. Buy glass display cases for your Star Wars figure collection. The glass cases will protect your figures from dust and unwanted handling, and from your pets. 2. Place the display
By "original" I assume you mean "vintage" which means figures from the 1978-1984 period. There are three factors which affect the value: condition, condition,
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