How much are the Crown Jewels worth?


The value of the Crown Jewels, the British Royal Collection, is estimated in the billions. There is no net value for this large collection of Royal Regalia, but the Star of Africa itself is worth approximately $400 million.

The British Royal Family has not had the collection valued, except for insurance purposes. The oldest piece in the Crown Jewels collection is a gold Anointing Spoon from the 12th century. Perhaps the most important piece of the entire collection is St. Edward's Crown, and the most popular piece is the Imperial State Crown, which contains over 3,000 gems. The collection is on display in The Tower of London, and its current setup was orchestrated by Queen Elizabeth II in 1994.

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This is not a very good poem. I've added line breaks but it still needs some work. How much Is Crown Jewels worth? its called Crown Jewels and. it was published in 1887 & 1888
Valued by some at £20,000,000 , the Crown Jewels are really
At auction the Crown Jewels might bring 350 mil GBP (1991 rate). Col Thomas Blood attempted to steal Crown Jewels in 1671.
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