How Much Is Crown Jewels Worth?


Though intrinsically valued by some at somewhere around £20,000,000 , the Crown Jewels are really priceless, for much of their true value lies in their symbolism and historical interest. Perhaps the most famous collection of jewels in the world-apart from personally owned royal gems-is that which comprises the Crown Jewels of England. The impressive coronation ceremony would lose much of its splendor without its jeweled regalia and richly-colored robes. These symbols of kingship, equality and justice; of spirituality and mercy, are indeed a stimulating and beautiful sight, while to describe the wealth of history and tradition behind the Crown Jewels of England is to open wide the pages of history, for the original Crown Regalia can be traced back to the year A.D. 853 and the reign of Aethelwulf, when the young Prince Alfred was sent to Rome to receive the Papal Blessing and the Crown.
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The Crown Jewels are currently worth more than 2 billion pounds
Priceless to the english. 20 million to the rest of us!! Fact
This is not a very good poem. I've added line breaks but it still needs some work. How much Is Crown Jewels worth? its called Crown Jewels and. it was published in 1887 & 1888
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