How much are the Michael Jackson dolls worth?


Michael Jackson doll prices hiked after his death due to high demand and popularity. At present you can buy the dolls at prices ranging from £6 to £70. Some dolls are sold at higher prices than this at auctions.
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The doll can be bought on Ebay for various prices, depending on the condition.
The 1984 Michael Jackson doll, depending on its condition, and whether
The Effanbee Doll Company began in 1912 in New York City. The rubber Dy-Dee Baby was one of the first dolls manufactured. Some examples of this doll now sell for $150 or more. World
Unfortunately not as much as when MJ first passed away.they are selling between $40-50 dollars. Here is a list of completed auctions on ebay. The numbers in green are what the doll
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