How Much Are the New Gold Dollars with the Date on the Side Worth?


The new gold dollars are worth exactly one US dollar. It does not matter if they are the older gold dollars or the new ones with the date on the side they are both just worth one dollar.
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It's not gold, it's brass. The date is on the edge of the coin and it's just a dollar coin.
The 1997 United States $1 Coin Act authorized the creation of new one-dollar coins to replace the old Susan B. Anthony dollars. The image of Sacagawea, a Shoshone Indian guide who
Between 1.5 and 0.6 grams of gold per dollar: (Gold ranged from 18.92 - 35 dollars per troy ounce) Prior to the federal reserve act of 1913 the price per oz of gold was on average
So far just a few error coins missing the dates from the edge of the coins and the Proof and Uncirculated coins sold from the Mint have slightly higher values. Also I hope you know
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An ounce of gold is worth $1,108.20 and there are sixteen ounces in a pound. So, you would multiply 16 by 1108.20 and the answer is $17,731.20. ...
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