How Much Are Tickets to Carmike Cinema?


The price for tickets to a Carmike Cinema will vary depending on the location of the cinema. In some locations ticket prices start at $9.25 for a night show. Usually matinee shows are less during the weekdays.
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Tickets for an adult are $9.50 and tickets for a child is $6.50!
Carmike Statesboro Cinema ticket types & prices: Adult $9.00, Matinee $6.75, Child $6.50, Super Bargain Matinee (4-5:30pm) $5.00, Additional Surcharge $2.50. report this answer.
Carmike tickets vary in price from city to city.
My guess would be between 8 and 11 dollars depends on when you go. Midnight Premiere where I live is 10.50 Its worth it to me though.
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