How Much Are Trolls Worth?


As of April 2012, a new Troll doll costs about £13.00. However, if you search the internet, you can find dolls at about £1.00. For more information, visit:
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That depends on the domain, the "troll" and your budget. Can you give an example? Some domains worth several thousands ( was bought for $7,000), some several
12 dollars.
Doppelwarrior Mint Card is worth $1.49 at Troll and Toad. This set is sure to be one of the most powerful ever released!
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How much a Treasure Troll is worth depends on the type and condition of the doll. As of 2012, the average value is between $50 and $100. ...
Troll dolls are not necessarily very valuable at the moment. There are still hundreds of thousands of them around the world, and they are not yet so exhausted ...
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