How much are two dollar bills worth today?


I think everyone has several of those stashed away in a drawer. Most people keep them for the novelty factor. They are currently worth $2. Maybe sometime in the future they might be worth more. Keep them in good shape, and your grand kids may get some good money for them.
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The US didn't even exist in 1774 so there couldn't be any bill in dollars with that date, only pounds and shillings. Are you sure you didn't misread the 1776 date on the back of a
In average circulated grades a value range of $3.75-$4.05 of course this is without
There is no such thing as a modern $3 bill. There were some odd-denomination bills issued by private banks in the 19th century but you would have to specify which bank and what date
er, two dollars? A 2 dollar bill are you stupid
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