How Much Are Yamaha Shs200 Keytars Worth?


Much sturdier and maybe a tad classier - the SHS200 is the bigger version of the SHS 10 these perhaps are actually worth £80 but tend to fetch much more,due to their rarity like £200. The SHS-200 is the successor of the SHS-10 and is in many ways a more professional instrument. It features a larger keyboard, more voices and styles, and greater flexibility in terms of options and features. It even has stereo speakers built in. The best part is that you can MIDI this keytar to a sound module or another keyboard and get any kind of sound that you want.
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You can find one in my front room, which I am about to put on ebay. Its in excellent condition complete with original shoulder strap, manual, and original box.
Yamaha SHS-10 Keytar remote keyboard regularly sell on Ebay for around £75. There are 2 currently on ebay at the moment with 3 days of bidding left.
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