How Much Area Does a Ton of Asphalt Cover?


How much area that one ton of asphalt will cover depends on the thickness that the asphalt is poured. If the asphalt is four inches thick, then it will cover around 40.5 square feet. Asphalt that is poured to be around two inches thick will cover around 81 square feet. There are calculators online that can help make this conversion easier, and they can also estimate the exact amount of asphalt needed to cover a driveway or other area based off of the necessary measurements.
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It would depend on how deep you want to lay it.
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That depends on what kind of rocks you're talking about. Rocks don't have a. definite shape or size. A single one ton rock can be kept in your backyard. A large number of smaller
WOW! What a complicated question. First, concrete, asphalt and dirt or even grass are out under any circumstance, except may be grass in residential use. Sand is okay in warmer climates
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