How Much Area Will a Ton of Gravel Cover?


How much area a ton of gravel will cover depends on the type of gravel you are using. It also depends on how deep the gravel will be. The most common gravel for driveways is #57 limestone--if this is used at a two inch depth, a ton will cover 100 square feet.
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At 12" depth, 20 tons of gravel will cover 360 sq ft.
Most suppliers will give an approximate fill capacity
That is a truck load, I assume, well how big is your driveway, and did you do the math before you ordered the truck ? tell me how big your driveway is in square meters and
One ton should be about 0.7 cubic yards of material (about 2880 lbs per cubic yard) If you spread it 3" thick (3"4" is recommended for best weed prevention) you can
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