How Much Area Will a Yard of Sand Cover?


A Yard of sand will cover an area depending whether it's dry or wet. Dry sand weighs 45.4 kilograms per cubic foot; there are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard so 1224.7 kilograms. Wet sand has different weight.
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Approximately. 100 square feet = 3" deep. 200 sqare feet = 2" deep. 300 square feet = 1" deep.
Soil is measured by the "yard, which means the amount that would fill a cube that is one yard wide, tall and deep. This is known as a cubic yard. A yard of soil will cover an
I will assume that you are referring to a cubic yard of sand since that is the way that it is generally sold and that would weigh about 2600 lbs.
How much a yard of sand costs would depend on the type of sand and where you purchase it.
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