How Much Bigger Is Alaska Than Texas?


Alaska is actually almost three times the size of Texas. Alaska has a total area of 663,268 square miles, while Texas has a total area of 268,820 square miles.
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Texas is by far the bigger than Alaska. Texas is 144.8 square miles and Texas is 262 square miles. Some of the area is water since there are glaciers in Alaska.
two times bigger.
Alaska is the largest state at 570,374 sq. mi..
Area of Alaska: 663,267 sq. miles , Area of Texas: 268,581 sq. miles. So Alaska is about 2.469 times bigger than Texas.
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As the total area of Alaska is about 663,168 sq mi and the total area of Texas is 268,581 sq mi, there is no doubt that Alaska is bigger than Texas. Alaska is ...
Between the two States of Texas and Alaska, Alaska is the bigger. It covers an area equivalent to 1,518,800 km2, which is a size over twice that of Texas. Alaska ...
Texas is the second largest state in the United States. The largest is Alaska. Texas is 268,801 square miles in area. I guess everything isn't bigger in Texas. ...
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