How Much Bleach to Shock Pool?


To 'shock' a pool use a gallon of PLAIN 6% household bleach (watch out for the 3% bleach sold by Dollar General and others) will add about 6 ppm of chlorine to a 12,500 gallon pool and about 5 to a 13,500 gallon pool. If your pool has algae, a reasonable dose would be 2 gallons of 6% each EVENING, till no algae is left.
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1. Determine how many gallons of water are in the pool by finding the length of the pool, width of the pool, the average depth of the pool, and the multiplier of the pool that is
Around two Clorox 182 oz jugs,
One pound of 52% Cal-Hypo pool shock would equal to about
1. Shock the pool regularly. What determines "regular" will depend on the amount of swimmers using the pool and the temperature of the pool water. The best indicator is
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