How Much Bubble Gum Does a Major League Baseball Team Use during Season?


Wow that is a great question! From my research I have been unable to find how much bubble gum a major league baseball team chews during the season. An interesting fact though is that in 1975 Bazooka held this awesome contest for the MLB players. Bazooka went around looking for the best bubble gum blowers and picked Kurt Bevacqua to represent the AL and Johnny Oates to represent the NL in a bubble gum blowing contest. The winner would be proclaimed as the champ and receive a cash prize. The honors went to Kurt Bevacqua!
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Teams do not chew bubblegum players do. I would bet that every single player in major league baseball has chewed bubble gum at one time or another, but most chew other things now.
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Philadelphia Phillies lost 23 straight. (1961)
San Fransisco Giants -- swept by the Houston Astros 10 August through 14 August 2008
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