How Much Caffeine Is in a Can of Pepsi?


A lot of beverages contains caffeine, even a can of soda does. A regular 12 oz. can of Pepsi contains 38 milligrams of caffeine. And for a 12 oz. Pepsi Max can, it contains 69 milligrams of caffeine.
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There is 38 mgs. of caffeine in a 12 ounce can or bottle of Pepsi. My personal fav, Mountain Dew has about three times that much. No energy drinks needed for this girl!
According to, a 12 ounce can of Pepsi contains 38 milligrams of caffeine which would then indicate that an 8 ounce cup would contain 25 milligrams of caffeine.
12 oz. of Pepsi has 38 mg of caffeine. 20 oz. of Pepsi has 63 mg of caffeine. You
According to the Australian Government agency Australian Broadcasting Commission; A standard 250ml cup of tea (iced or hot) contains about 27 mg
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There are 37.5 mg of caffeine in a 12 oz can of Pepsi. The company also makes a caffeine-free version. ...
Diet Pepsi has thirty six milligrams of caffeine. My favorite drink Wild Cherry Pepsi has 2 more milligrams of caffeine. The diet version of Wild Cherry Pepsi ...
Caffeine is a substance often found in soda, coffee, teas, and some plants. Caffeine can be man-made, but it also comes in a natural form. Caffeine is known to ...
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