How Much Calcium Do I Need Each Day?


The recommendation daily allowance of calcium increases with age. For ages 19-50, 1000 mg per day is recommended. For young children ages 1-3, only 500 mg per day is needed.
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To determine how much calcium you need per day depends on your age. Calcium is very important to have strong bones, teeth, also good for you heart and muscles.You can find more information
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For women ages 19 to 50, 1,000 mg is recommended. 1,500 mg ...
According to my school studies for medical assisting, the FDA recommends 1000 mg of calcium per day for adults between the ages of 19 and 50. One 8 ounce glass ...
According to most healthcare professionals, adults between the ages of 19-50 need 100 mg of calcium a day. Anyone above the age of 50 require 1200 mg of calcium. ...
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