How Much can a Suspension Bridge Hold?


The amount of weight a suspension bridge can hold depends on several different things. Since the weight is distributed to the towers by the cables the amount it can hold is calculated by the number of towers it has and how long it is.
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20 tons.
Cables are the main support of suspension bridges. They are stretched across the area where the bridge will be and decking, or road, is suspended from them. It is a type of bridge
1. Draw a rectangle and a line below it. Ad. 2. Draw four towers. The second and third tower should be twice the size of the first and last towers. Position them as shown in the drawing
There are two towers on both sides of the
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There is no way to tell how much weight a suspension bridge can actually hold. A bridge load is a moving load, so the bridge carries amounts of weight for short periods of time as cars and trucks pass over it. Also, the length of the bridge and the type of suspension will cause its strength to vary. We do know that a suspension bridge is possibly the strongest type of bridge that can be built. You can find more information here:
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