How Much Can I Charge for My Baking Goods?


There are few things to consider in figuring how much you will charge for your baking goods. These are money, time and effort. I will suggest to pull out a list, notepad, a pen and a calculator. In money, try to figure out or record how much you spent on ingredients and baking tools. Next, calculate how much time you spent and you might consider a value for your time. Last, effort, how complicated to baked those goods? Does the recipe needs more study or practice? 
2 Additional Answers
If you are planning on selling your baked goods, for either profit, or fundraising, you need to know how much to charge. The standard for figuring out what to charge is to multiply the food cost by four. This pays for your labor costs, electricity costs, and food costs while giving you a profit. If it cost you $3.25 to make two dozen muffins, divide that number by 24 to get an actual muffin cost of only 13 cents. Multiply that number by four to get a cost of 52 cents. Be sure you break down your cost to get an accurate price for your food, taking into consideration every ingredient.
When trying to set a price for baked goods you will have to do trial and error. Set a price you think is reasonable and if the items do not sell you may need to lower your prices.
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