How much can I get to scrap my car?


Scrap yards generally pay by the pound, so the size of the car typically determines how much it is worth. The exact amount of money a scrap car is worth differs drastically, however.

Also important is whether or not the car is driven in or towed to the yard. Most scrap yards offer less money if the car has to be towed. Scrap yards are more favorable to cars in good working order. Regardless, it is important to do research into a specific scrap yard before taking the car there. Many times different scrap yards offer different prices on the exact same vehicle.

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1. Before you jump in a actually get to work, it is important to consider whether it is worth it to junk the car. Any running and driving car is almost always going to be worth more
around £100-200.
Unless the buyer can provide a solid explanation as to why he does not want the title, I would strongly suggest avoiding the sale. He may want to use the vehicle for illicit purposes
The price of a scrap car really depends on the brand and year of the car.
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