How Much Can I Rent My House for?


When setting a monthly rental rate, there is an equation to follow if you want to make a lot of money with the least effort. Establishing the rental amount without vacancies is crucial to making a profit. The major factor that will influence the rental price is location. If your house is close to a major transportation venue, such as a subway, city bus, or train, you collect a higher rent. However, if there are many more units for rent in this same area make sure your rental price is competitive. If your home is in a less than ideal location, you will have to lower your rate to attract tenants.
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Knowing how to rent your house is more important than ever, especially if your mortgage payment just leapt up. Unfortunately, many of us have purchased houses that we could not afford
1. Determine what neighborhood you want to live in. Central Austin houses downtown offers great restaurants and nightlife. West Austin has Tarrytown and Westlake Hills among other
Call location service companies in your area. They will come look at your house and take photos, then list it along with their other locations when a location scout for a film or
The cost of renting is usually significantly less than the cost to purchase a home. When seeking approval on a home loan, a down payment is required in an amount usually ranging between
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