How Much Can John Cena Bench Press?


According to the latest reports, John Cena can bench press up to 505 pounds. He can also squat with 575 poiunds. Cena can also bench press 675 pounds.
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Answer In John Cena My Life it show John benching 505 (he was training for reps.) but i know for certain he could bench abit more well this is for certain on fox 8 they did an interview
John Cena can bench press at least 525 pounds.
Stop sniffing Cena's Jock Strap guppies. Who cares what he can bench press, who cares how his momma is doing, you all act like he's paying u royalites to ask questions about his life
John Cena squats 575, deadlifts 675, and benchpresses 525
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