How Much Can the Female Bladder Hold?


A female bladder can comfortably hold 16 ounces of urine. The number of times one uses the bathroom depends on the amount of fluids taken, the temperature and the health of the bladder. The urinary system can be affected by old age, injury or even illness and thus it is important to go for frequent checkups in order to know how the bladder is functioning.
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1. Try Kegel exercises, exercises that consist of contracting and relaxing the muscles that form the pelvic floor, as a primary treatment when learning how to hold your bladder. Kegels
The average person can hold approximately over 2 cups of urine.The
1. If you are wearing pants, make sure you keep them loose by unbuckling them or stretching them out to avoid pressure on your bladder area. Ad. 2. If you are standing, cross your
Usually about 500mL, but the capacity varies from person to person: it can be as low as 300mL or as high as 1L.
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