How Much Can You Get of an ASTM Card with Your Suntrust Bank Card?


The amount of money you can get out of an atm with your Suntrust Bank Card will depend on how much money is in your account, and your bank. You will only be able to withdraw up to the amount of money in your account. Some banks will also put daily limits on their atm withdrawals, allowing only up to $200 per day, for example.
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1. Retrieve your new SunTrust debit card. Read your name to ensure it is spelled correctly. Look at the effective date to determine when to activate it. Generally, this is the month
1. Go to the Bank of America website - a link is provided in the Resources section. 2. Click "Enroll" under the Online Banking header in the upper left of your screen, and
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by calling the 800 number on the back!
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