How Much Can You Get out of Aluminum Wheels at a Scrap Yard?


At most scrap yards aluminum sells for about 50 cents per pound. If a wheel weighs twenty pounds that would equal ten dollars. The bigger the wheel the bigger the pay off.
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Current scrap Aluminum is going for $1.38 per lb but it
After removing the pastic side pieces, the radiator weighed 9 pounds. I took it to a scrap yard and got a wopping $2.25. So for me it was 25 cents per pound.
The price for scrap aluminum as of 25th of Jan 2011 is $1.0705 per 1 pound. report this answer. Updated on Sunday, February 05 2012 at 04:56PM EST. Source: Collections
How much is aluminum going for in scrap yards?about $1800.
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