How Much can You Sell Your Testicles for?


The amount that you can sell your testicles for is really unknown. It is actually illegal to sell your testicles in the United States. There has been a rumor that you can sell your testicles for thousands of dollars, but it's not true. You can find more information here:
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It is actually a rumor that you can sell your testicles. While many stories went around about selling them for 500, 50,000, and even 800,000 dollars. But these are all rumors. there is no one that will purchase your testicles. However if you wish you can donate your body to science for when you pass away.
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There was a popular rumor going around that you can sell your testicles for money. This rumor has gotten more popular since the recession. This is untrue however ...
You would make zero money for selling your testicle as it is illegal to sell your body parts. You can donate one but you won't get a dime for it. We just don't ...
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