How much carbon dioxide is in Coke?


There is about 2.2 grams of carbon dioxide in a can of Coke. There is about 5 grams per litre. All of the different Coke products have a different amount of CO2 in them because the different syrups have different degrees of thickness.
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There is a lot because of the fizz and from the pressure of the bottle.
Carbon dioxide is a chemical compound. It is composed of two oxygen atoms bonded to one carbon atom. As of March 2009, carbon dioxide was concentrated at 387 parts-per-million. Depending
There is roughly 5 g of carbon in a 1 liter bottle so there is arou...
See. iki/Car. The concentration of. carbon dioxide. ( CO. 2. in. Earth's atmosphere. is approximately 392 ppm (parts per million) by volume as of 2011[1
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