How Much Child Maintenance Should I Pay in the UK?


There are laws on the books about how much child maintenance you should be paying and it will depend on your income and how many children. You can always pay more than what you are ordered too.
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To know how much child maintenance to pay, information is given by both parents to decide if someone has to pay child maintenance, and how much maintenance should be paid. The amount of income left after income tax, National Insurance and any money paid into a pension scheme is what is used to calculate the welfare. There are basic rates depending on the amount of money you have.
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My husband is paying maintenance for his illegitimate child. She is now 16 years old, her mother is working. My husband has been told by the mother to pay for her tertiary education
The average amount of child maintenance non-resident parents are assessed to pay is £22 per week. This varies according to income and circumstances.
Contrary to one of the previous answers it is not as straight forward as 33%. Yes check the CSA calculator, it asks how much your ex earns weekly AFTER tax and NI. I figured that
If you both have your daughter 50/50 why involve the CSA at all? Not criticizing by the way just a question. I would say that you should each pay for your daughters requirements while
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The amount of Child Maintenance you should pay is usually determined by the Courts. There is no law that says you cannot give more to your child for extra things ...
The amount of Maintenance you should be paying depends on common expenses and funds. Usually society bodies decide a rough amount of maintenance by taking an overview ...
In the UK, one can stop paying child maintenance when the child attains the age of 16 years. One may also be excused from paying child maintenance if the child ...
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