How much chlorine is recommended for a swimming pool?


A healthy, well-maintained pool ideally has a chlorine level at or around 1.0 to 3.0 parts per million or ppm. Higher levels of chlorine can cause skin irritation, as well as other issues for swimmers.

Maintaining the chlorine level in a pool can seem difficult. Before adding chlorine to a pool, one needs to know the amount of water in the pool. Basically, an ounce of chlorine provides 1 ppm per 75,000 gallons of water. Ideally, pool water should be tested every few days to ensure that the proper amount of chemicals are being used. Chlorine levels should also be maintained with proper chlorine tablets. If certain tablets are not providing adequate results, it may be time to try a different brand or type.

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1. Test your pool's chlorine level. Purchase chlorine level testing kits at the same pool equipment stores where you purchased the chlorine product itself. Kits typically involve
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Chlorine is produced the electrolysis of salt water. When we add Cl2 chlorine +
1. Shock your pool. This method requires you to add a large amount of chlorine to your pool quickly. Doing this eliminates organic substances in your pool that bother your swimmers
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