How Much Chocolate Do You Need for a Chocolate Fountain?


The amount of chocolate you need for a chocolate fountain depends on the number of people you are serving. For a crowd of 40, around 2.26 kg of chocolate would suffice. For a crowd of up to 115, you would need around 5.7 kilograms of chocolate.
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To make a chocolate fountian you will need to buy a chocolate fountain machine. You can not home make one cheper, the problem is the home made ones get clogged really easy.You can
1. List the criteria your chocolate fountain needs to fulfill. Ask yourself what is the event you are hosting and how many people are planning to attend? Do you want one that is easy
1 Assemble the chocolate fountain per the directions in the owner's manual. You should wash all the pieces first before putting it together. The bigger the chocolate fountain, the
The biggest chocolate fountain that I have seen was on the Mission Restaurant Supply site. Its 40 inches tall and holds 20 pounds of chocolate. If you can find one bigger than that
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