How Much CO2 Does a Human Exhale?


Using arithmetic and extrapolation, we can determine how much CO2 or carbon dioxide a human exhale per day. An average resting adult excretes 200 ml per breath. So 200ml multiplied by 12 breaths per minute multiplied by 60 minutes multiplied by 24 nets 3456L per day. This values can be larger or smaller based on lifestyle, lung capacity, and breaths per minute.
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Humans produce about 1,963 lbs of CO2 per year. ChaCha!
It would depend on the person's size and how active they are. Find the CO2 rates for an hour during sleep and being awake, multiply them by whatever you need and you'll figure out
im not sure what you mean by "more" but humans, along with all mammals exhale CO2 because cellular respiration (the process by which our cells convert sugar into energy
Depending on your source, the average human exhales between 0.5 and 0.9 kg per day. So human breathing co2 emissions would be between: 0.5 x 365 x 6.0x10^9 = 1.1 x 10^9 metric tons/
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CO2 is the chemical abbreviation for Carbon Dioxide. This is what humans and animals exhale when they breathe, and what plants take in to carry out photosynthesis ...
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