How Much Cocaine Does It Take to Overdose?


There is no fixed dosage to when cocaine overdose occurs in a person. Overdose of cocaine occurs at a different rate in different individual with body weight as the greatest factor affecting it. Symptoms of cocaine overdose include irregular and increased heart rate, stroke, seizure, and kidney failure.
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The amount of cocaine it takes to overdose would be different for different people. The best advice is to stay way from cocaine. It is not a good thing and it is illegal.
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blue face, blue lips, heavy tinnitus, racing heart, sweating, swelling of extremities, most likely followed by death or insomnia for days if ur lucky.
Cocaine overdose symptoms may include some or all of the following:
Not Medical Advice: An overdose of cocaine can lead to irregular heart beat or heart failure, high blood pressure resulting in brain hemorrhage and convulsions.
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The exact amount of cocaine it takes for a person to overdoes will vary from person to person. 1.2 grams of cocaine taken orally or 750-800 milligrams taken IV ...
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