How much concrete will i need for a 40 x 44 slab 4' thick?


Assuming that the 40 and 44 dimensions are in feet, and the only reinforcement is wire mesh, you will need approximately 580.8 cubic feet, or 21.51 cubic yards of concrete.
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22 cubic yards
There are 222.22 cubic yards of concrete in the
order 2 1/4 yards . they will charge you for a short load so you can expect to pay about 300 for the
from a previous calculation, it would be around 190-200 pounds. . TheLightWorks. 23 months ago.
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You will need 0.47 yards of concrete for a 124 x 44 x 4 inch slab. That is equivalent to mixing twenty-nine 69pound bags of concrete. Make sure to level and form ...
Assuming the 10 foot by 20 foot slab is going to be 4 inches thick and reinforced with woven wire mesh, you will need 2.44 cubic yards of concrete. For a 6 inch ...
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