How Much Cost to Run a TV?


Most often the electrical consumption is measured in kWh. T o calculate the cost of running a TV you must know how many watts the TV uses when powered on. This number should be available from the manufacturer and may be found in the TV owner's manual or found online. To get the cost of running a TV, do the following calculation.(Watts X Hours) / 1000 X (your local cost per kWh) = Your Cost to run TV.
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Most televisions today use around 100W when they are running. A typical charge for electricity is a little over 10c per kilowatt hour in the US or 10p in UK. The television will use
The longest running television show was Gunsmoke, with
About the same as a 100watt bulb, or less. Fairly trivial, don't even think of it.
If you were to run a 32" TV 24 hours a day, it would cost you $11.12 per day! Good question! Text us!
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